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Metier Metier HR InfoTech Pvt Ltd. is the corporate solution provider that fulfills the HR needs by providing the right staffing solutions to the clients & taking out the risk involved in the business. Yes, we are a Corporate Hiring and Risk assessment Solution Provider.

We have an aim to already employ the candidates in leading MNCs and Corporate Houses covering all the sectors. Metier brings in the right combination of expertise facilitating organizations to acquire Temporary and Permanent staff, enhancing productivity, quality and reducing employment and administrative cost of the client.

Finding candidates for an available position is more than just selecting the best qualifications. It requires "CHOOSE THE BEST FROM THE BEST" into your specific industry and organizational culture. We are a contingency recruitment and executive search company. We have been helping companies fill challenging positions that require a unique combination of skills, professionalism, and industry background. Our team comprises recruiters with knowledge in specific fields and industries. We can help you find strong potential employees in all areas at all levels.


Founded in April 2018 with the aim of providing effective and efficient Corporate solutions to organizations, Metier is focused in catering to all Human Resource, Insurance & supply chain Consulting requirements of organizations looking to enhance their people focus and alignment, risk management and supply chain management. Backed by a team of skilled HR and risk practitioners.

Simply put, we offer a complete range of cost-effective solutions for managing an organization's "People Agenda". From managing the HR function to drafting policies, from setting up a Query Desk to Employee Engagement, from Policies Orientation to PoSH Training Delivery, from Employee Satisfaction Surveys to Salary Benchmarking Studies, from Internal Research to Public Surveys. Our support enables an organization to manage its HR needs effectively and focus on promoting the internal HR to the next level.

What We Care About

We integrate flexibility into the workforce & take care of short term and long-term manpower requirements of our clients and help them to concentrate on their core business activities.

We have been helping companies fill challenging positions that require a unique combination of skills, professionalism, and industry background.

We are having a broad range of Staffing and workforce solutions to help our clients to increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve employee retention and control employment costs.

Our in-house recruitment team and network of recruiters across the country ensure that we meet client requirements on time.


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What We Bring To You


Human Resources

Hiring the candidates that fit the bill for a company and deliver the maximum output, and streamline the growth prospects.


Risk Management

We ensure all companies work in a fearless environment. Our endeavor of risk management covers the possible perils that may outbreak suddenly.


Health Management Services

The health application attempts to bridge the gap between the patient and the doctor by micromanaging appointments, documents and reports.


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